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Like many people involved in the IT business, I also fiddle around with some rudimentary programming. Below you will find the results of this fiddling around. So far, I am not charging for any of these applications, but they take time and effort to create and $'s to host. So, if you are interested in donating any amount for these efforts, it would be greatly appreciated. You can easily do so through the PayPal Donate button below. Recommended $20 for home or educational use. Commercial users be generous, if this is saving you time, effort and money!

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Mailer is a simple application that allows a user to send out emails with multiple attachments.   It was basically designed to be used to send large numbers of higher quality JPG files (>1 MB) to friends and family and should not be used to send out SPAM!

Mailer is geared mainly towards travelers who take pictures of people and want to easily share the resulting high-quality, digital photos with their friends.  For example, while rock climbing we tend to take a lot of pictures and then at the end of a trip, all the participants want the other’s high-quality shots, so they can add to their own online albums, videos, etc.  Mailer allows the user to send these files out without much work at all.  Once setup correctly with an SMTP server, username, password, email address and the source for your Contacts list, Mailer uses a simple, four-step process to send out an email:

  1. Select the files to be attached, if there are any
  2. Select the recipient(s) of the message
  3. Enter a subject and text for the message
  4. Click Send Mail

E.g., if you had 100 photos of a trip you wanted to email, you would just select the files from the hard drive, select the recipient(s) to send to, and click Send Mail and go to lunch; it’s as simple as that!

Mailer uses the SMTP protocol to send the messages, so you need access to an SMTP server/email account that allows you to send messages from wherever you are connected.

Please read the User Guide below to understand how the application can be configured and used. A link for the latest version is also provided as well as a couple of screenshots.

Note:  This program uses Microsoft .NET Framework, v4.0 (at a minimum).  If it is not already installed on your computer, it will ask you to download and install it from a Microsoft website.  It may reboot after the install.  If so, you will need to run the installation again.  If you want, you can download and install the latest .NET Framework from this website prior to installation:

Mailer Attachments Tab Screenshot

Mailer Recipients Tab Screenshot

Mailer Server/Message Tab Screenshot